Offer your portfolio the talent it needs
Seamlessly add value to your companies through our white-label solutions.
Our products
The better way to support your portfolio
White-label Platforms
Help your companies grow quicker with customized platforms that run under your brand and URL domain.
Data insights
Step up your portfolio support by understanding hiring behaviours, urgent vacancies and improvement opportunities across your companies.
Hiring at startup prices
Our goal is to make recruitment fair for everybody, which is why all our services are offered at startup prices.
High impact at low effort
Add structure and scale to supporting your companies by automating tedious processes and running support platforms at low overhead.
Trusted by the best
We strive to unite global startup communities to leverage the power of the ecosystem. Over 100 VCs support our vision and offer their portfolio support through our platforms.
Tap into the world's largest VC talent network
Extended reach
Your Talent Pool connects to the largest VC talent network of candidates referred by over 100 VC communities across the ecosystem.
Effortless support
Request support for a dedicated vacancy in your portfolio and receive hand-picked profile matches.
VC Talent Partners
Book a Sompani VC Talent Partner on-demand to source candidates outside the Sompani VC Network, at startup rates.
Interview request
Companies can directly request an interview with one click and schedule a call with.
Fast profile Scan
Companies can easily find relevant details about a candidates profile without having to look through the entire resume. This saves them time and effort.
Sinalize High priorities
Companies can toggle high priority vacancies to boost visibility. Candidates will get matches and see vacancies on the top of their job posts.
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